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"Iris Design" Ltd. is a widely profiled design studio created in 2005. Company succeeded to achieve a status of fast growing and professional in its design identity. Team behind is full with young people, seeking of tendentious and highly ambitious in their creativity. "Iris Design" Ltd. covers a huge part of all specific branches in the professional sphere of design and marketing services:

Web design and development. Banners design. Developing web based applications, handling web site support, SEO;
Graphic and logo design. Company style;
— Prepress preparation and print of advertise materials;
Outside/facade and transport advertise;
— Engineering and interior design of private estates, offices, clubs, hotels, shops, administrative buildings and others;
Interior and exterior architectural 3D visualizations and animations;
— Commercial video spots.

Team's top priority is professional final result and highly rated evaluation combined with positive references by their clients. Working process includes personal assignment without any limitations in professional potentialities. Chasing the deadline is another priority. Completing the project in recent up-to-date technical requirements for modern and quality realization is also an important step in our work.

Main reason of company's great success lays on freedom in creativity work. But this is nothing without well defined and competently realized marketing research. It works as an organizational advertise functionality for "Iris Design" Ltd. Important things once and again - fulfilling our client's needs, high quality for all of our products and services. Staying up-to-date to all modern trends is a key to successful realization of top-rated products.

Personal contact with clients, indivitual treatment and alternative type of service are keys to high-level trust in this delicate relationship guarantor-performer. In this kind of friendly atmosphere, the efficiency and the quality of every completed product grows stronger. Every satisfied client increase company's coefficient of competitiveness. That leads to much more brace and will of the professional spirit, which is responsible to pursuit of new clients in sphere of design.

Iris Concept Ltd.

Address: Bulgaria, Sofia, 15 Pozitano Str., floor 1, office 1
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For contacts:
GSM: +359 878 311 513
UIC: 204666208
Bank: First Investment Bank
IBAN: BG23FINV91501017034721

Interior design

GSM: +359 878 311 513;

3D design

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Graphic design

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Web design

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